One of Our Favorites: The Khan Academy

Salman Khan at 2011 TED

One guy changing the face of education

When I first heard about the Khan Academy I didn’t even have the conceptual framework to comprehend what it was. Now, perhaps 2  years later, it has become the standard by which I gage the merits of every other educational system I encounter. “Does this make the material as easy to understand as Khan Academy does?” “Can a student move through this as effortlessly as they can in Khan Academy?” “Is it as inspiring for success?” “Does it cover as much material?”

This is one of those ideas that demonstrates how the “Goldilocks Conditions” come together. You have an Internet, with both technological conditions and social conditions that are finally ready. You have a need: Billions of children and adults around the world unable to easily access education, either because they are too remote from adequate teachers, or because the teachers on hand don’t have the time or skills to work at their pace. And you have one person who stumbles upon a method that works to fill that need.

Here is a link to a recent article about Salman Khan, that brilliant one person.

Here is a link to the Khan Academy itself. Have fun!


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