Quiet Decisions Leading to Peace

Activists at USC during competing protests on the war in Israel and Palestine
courtesy the Daily Trojan 

I spent some time this morning looking for something to put up here about someone doing something creative and meaningful to bring peace to the current Israel-Palestine conflict. The best I found was a bunch of stories about protests. Maybe I didn’t use the right search terms. Or maybe there is nothing unique or creative being done. Or maybe, and I hope more likely, what is being done is happening quietly, out of the limelight, and we won’t hear about it for years, if ever.

I’ve recently come across a couple of stories like this. One, about so called ‘BBQ Diplomacy”, is about Robert Egan, who’s restaurant just happens to be a favorite hangout of various ambassadors from the UN. His friendship with the North Korean ambassador he ended up delivering messages to the White House about solving the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program. And, because he knew some journalists, too, he was able to intervene in the drum rolling for war with North Korea coming from the White House in 2002.

We know about him because some journalists wrote about him, and then he co-wrote a book about his story.

The other guy I heard about remained a quiet hero for most of his life. Stanislav Petrov might have quite literally saved the world, by not acting when he was told to. You should read his story. It makes you realize that every single person makes a difference. Sure, he was the one with the big red button right there to press. But all those soldiers who choose not to shoot, not to launch the missiles, not to torture the prisoners make a difference.

And so do each of us in our actions every day. The whole reason I started writing this blog was to highlight these individual choices and creative ideas that bring more life, love and light into the world. What Great Idea do you  have today? What one Practical Step could you take towards making it reality?


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