Can I Give You a Hand?

Max Ortiz Catalan demonstrating mind control of an artificial hand

Six Million Dollar Man. Luke Skywalker. Wormtail.

Well, okay, with Wormtail it was magic, and dark magic at that. But didn’t it also seem like magic when they ‘rebuilt [Steve Austin], better than before’? And wasn’t it just proof that technology was that much better a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when Luke Skywalker got his new hand?

Perhaps we are catching up. Max Ortiz Catalan, building on many years of work by other scientists, is about to begin giving amputees new limbs that actually work, and that are actually controlled by thought. You need to read the original to get the full picture!

Great Idea: Use robotics to give amputees replacement limbs that are as lifelike as possible.
Practical Step: Research, trials, research, more research and giving it a go.


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