Bring Home an Elf for… Valentines Day!

Organic Transit and the brand new Elf vehicle

I’ve decided to put up posts for the next couple of weeks about things you, dear readers, can take part in one way or another. There are so many, many great ideas out there. A lot of what catches my attention is happening in University labs, or in rain forests in Brazil, in government offices or in rural communities in Africa. Most of it is just cool stuff to know is happening. But there are also those things you can be part of – through donations, purchases or practical changes you can do yourself.

That’s where I’m going to focus through the end of the year, with a special focus on what you can buy as a present or support through a donation. Consider this a very innovative shopping list.

Today we begin with this extra cool personal vehicle, the Elf. Click here to watch a short video about it. Powered by you, and the sun, it is a great new alternative to taking your car to the grocery store, or riding your bike with nowhere to store things. A small electric motor boosts you up hills. Park it in the sun to recharge the batteries. It is made of mostly recycled materials, saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions. This company is also creating jobs now, and will be creating more in the future as they ramp up production.

You can’t exactly put one under the Christmas tree, but you could order one to come by Valentine’s day. You’d better hurry, though, as there aren’t that many left. Though at the current price tag of $4,000 they aren’t for everyone. Right now they are ramping up production, and hope to start manufacturing the vehicles in towns across the US soon.

You could also help support this innovative company through a kickstarter donation as low as $1. For a $25 donation you get a cool cotton T-shirt.

Great Idea: Find a way to get more people out of gas guzzling carbon emitting vehicles for short trips around town.
Practical Step: Build a hybrid between a bicycle and a car that will keep you relatively dry and comfortable, hold up to 350 lbs of cargo, and still give you a workout as you peddle around town.

And, speaking of donations, I’ve added a donation button to my sidebar, in case you want to add your support to Great Ideas, Practical Steps. I’m working on what sort of a thank you I can put in. Any ideas?



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