master shift


Whether you believe in Mayan prophesies (or any of the other prophesies pointing to a big shift in consciousness right now), or expect today to be just an ordinary Wednesday, and the rest of the month to be an ordinary holiday season leading to an ordinary New Year, you can probably agree that one of the biggest challenges in the world today is the antagonism between peoples and cultures that leads to conflict, hatred and war. And you might even agree that taking practical steps to overcome that antagonism is a great idea.

One of the great things about events like the end of an ancient calendar’s epoch, or dates like 12/12/12 that get numerologists excited, just like holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah or Ramadan, is that they inspire people to focus on the important things like state of the world and what they can do about it. As the narrator in this video says, what would happen if everyone on the planet smiled at the same time?

One such event is a global meditation called The Master Shift, led by an eclectic group of spiritual adepts and artists. Check out their website and video  about this global meditation. If you are inspired, tune in. If you’d rather do something in person, there are group meditations, chants and prayer sessions happening all over the world this month. Surely there is one near you. And you can just take some time today, and/or in the next 10 days, to focus in on what brings you Joy and Love.

I know I said I was going to do reports that would be like your own individual save the world shopping list this month. Consider this a way to spend your most important currency – your energetic focus.

Great Idea: Bump up the consciousness on the planet a few notches
Practical Step: Organize a world-wide meditation. Watch the video and smile!


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