What This Week Means to Me


Last week I said I would write more blogs about great ideas for gifts that help the earth and help support local communities. There are many possibilities for gift donations, from Heifer International, through which you can buy a farm animal for someone in the third world to a program with the Nature Conservancy in which you can adopt an acre of rain forest or coral reef. For some people who don’t want more stuff these are the best gifts. My mother used to love them. She liked it when we spent our money helping the world in honor of her.

And I might write more about that. But the fact is this week two things are very much more present in my thoughts and being than Christmas. One is what I can only hope is the culminating tragedy of gun violence in America – the shootings last Friday in Newton, Connecticut. The other is this whole transitioning/ascendance/end of the world thing happening this coming Friday right here on our planet Earth.

I’m one of those people who has been paying attention to the date 12/21/2012 for most of my adult life. I remember thinking, at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, how far into the future Winter Solstice 2012 seemed. Surely we could effect great change in 25 years!

And now here it is. Winter Solstice 2012 comes at 3:12 am tomorrow morning, my time, 11:12 UTC. You know, some people look forward their whole early lives to their wedding day. Some look to the day they finally write that novel, graduate that child, become a grandparent, earn a million dollars. For 25 years now I have looked forward to this day – as a different kind of graduation, if you will. I don’t expect anything particular to happen – no brimstone and no bright beams of alien spacecraft headlights. I expect the sun to rise on a fairly typical pre-Christmas day, with the one unusual note of a lot of news stories and Facebook jokes about ‘Hey, we’re still here!”

But the day, the moment, means something much more to me than that. A birthday really doesn’t do anything particular to you when it comes around, except for maybe 12, 16, 18 and 21 and 65. Nor does a New Year, or 4th of July, or Christmas, in and of itself. If it weren’t for all the people participating, those days would be just like any other. Just as every Winter Solstice marks the day when the year turns and the days start getting longer, this particular Winter Solstice is a day that millions of people are using to celebrate how far we have come, and to add their own prayers, meditations, Joy and Love to give us another boost in going even further.

There are, of course, people who have been paying attention to this date and this change longer than 25 years. In addition to whatever the Mayans, or the Aztecs, or Hopis or Egyptians or European Astrologers or anyone else said in ancient times, widespread recognition of this intensified transformation the planet really got going in the 1960’s. Remember the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? And then you have the 5th Dimension. This fairly hokey video, made when I was 6 years old, completely cracks me up. Watching the 5th Dimension singing “The Age of Aquarius” makes me wonder if they had any idea what the Age of Aquarius, or even the 5th Dimension actually were.

But I digress. I guess what I’m trying to say is this is a really big deal. And I hope that in amongst any holiday preparations you are doing, and laughing at jokes, and just getting on with your lives, you take even just a few minutes of silence within yourself to contemplate the possibility that we, as a species, could, actually, eventually, move beyond the fear, and the divisions, and the need to win, and recognize that we are all part of the same fabric and all contribute to the same exploration and expansion of existence.

At the beginning of this year I wrote another blog about what the lead up to 2012 meant to me. If you want my particular look back at the journey, check that out. There is a lot more to write about my history, and I probably will, though probably not here. But for now I want to look at this moment, right now – this week between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12.

I can’t help but take this week seriously. Not only is it like a party I’ve been looking forward to for 25 years, something momentous is happening. Can you feel it?

What is it? Is it the end of the world? The shootings in Connecticut, along with super storms and earthquakes etc. might make you think that. Is it the dawn of a New Age? Should we expect miracles? Meteor showers? Earthquakes? Everyone to be very much nicer to each other?

Depending on where your awareness is, you may witness any of those things. From the 3rd dimension everything looks pretty normal. Yes, change is accelerating. But here in Washington it is a fairly normal gray, dark, unceasingly rainy day. Not so much end of the world apocalypse or shining beams of Divinity.

From the perspective of a human ego determined to maintain control, it might look somewhat like the end of the world. If you turn your attention in one particular direction, you might see the clash of the forces of good and evil – the Illuminati fighting off … who is it they are fighting off? I get so confused about all the conspiracy theories – corporations and cartels and 13 families and gray men and aliens and angels and and and … It can look pretty messy, and it reminds me of a huge sporting event with crowds cheering and jeering on each side.

If you look in another direction, through the portal of meditation and awareness rather than through 3D eyes or fear, you might just witness what I have been witnessing.

As I sit here, writing this, I realize that when I bring my attention fully to what is happening, to what I have been witnessing, what I feel is so big I’m having a hard time describing it. But since I am a writer I shall try.

I will begin with three words: Gratitude, Recognition and Choice.

When I really slow down into what is happening I am astounded to be here in this moment, feeling this wash of Love flooding over this planet Earth. In fact, it would be quite easy for me to get totally taken up in that flood, and I do, and I keep forgetting to write. My gratitude for being alive right now is so huge it is hard to find a metaphor for it. It’s like being grateful for the oceans – you could see that as a simple thing, but can you even comprehend the magnitude of the oceans themselves? Can you even begin to grasp the impact that the oceans have on the planet, the weather and our very existence? That’s how big it is. I am grateful that I get to be here, and I am grateful to every other human and non-human being participating in this grand experiment at this moment.

We all showed up, flowers and warts and all. This is where the Recognition comes in. For the last 25 years many of us have worked rather exhaustively to evolve ourselves, to grow, to wake up, to help heal the planet and our fellow beings. I don’t know how many people consciously signed up at the opening of this 25 year cycle on August 16, 1987. I don’t know how many are consciously signed up to participate in the completion of the cycle Friday. But I have met and witnessed millions. This could not be done by one person, or one group alone. It has taken all of us, and every one of us makes a contribution.

In addition to the beings participating right now, I also feel tremendous gratitude and recognition of all those who came before. Last weekend I sat with 26 of my closest fellow travelers on the path of enlightenment. Much of what we were talking about sounded just like what my first spiritual teacher (through the religion she founded and in which I was raised), Mary Baker Eddy, wrote about 160 years ago – all is God, make your life an unceasing prayer, and make that prayer not so much a supplication of the Divine as holding an Intention. It has a different feel to me now, naturally, than it did when I was a kid. And the words are different from those she used. But we are looking at the same Truth. This is how it seems to be in most religions and spiritual paths – the more clearly you describe the deepest Truth, the more it sounds like descriptions of the deepest Truth spoken by everyone else.

And that deepest Truth brings me to Choice. Each one of us has a choice we can make in every moment. I’m not talking about things like picking what clothes to wear or where to eat dinner. Those are really just decisions that reflect your conditioning. I’m talking about the choices that lead you to more Self Awareness, more openness, and that make it more or less likely that you will even notice what is happening in the other dimensions and on this planet this week.

Depending on what layer of consciousness your attention is on, the choices available to you will be somewhat different. You can’t, for instance, make a choice to create your life from sovereignty if you are still reacting to fear. But if you are reacting to fear you do have the choice to become present in the moment, and you always have the choice to focus on Love.

I feel like I’m trying to give a summary of 49 years of study in one, last minute cram session for the masses. Well, then, so be it. Let it all come down, in this moment, to Choice. It really is that simple. Here is a list of choices that you could make, right now, that would have an impact on your life and on everyone around you:

  • To pay attention to what brings you Joy, vs. what brings you Fear
  • To focus on Love
  • To be Present with yourself, allowing your experience
  • To make yourself available to your Greater Self, or God/Divinity/Love
  • To let go of Fear
  • To Open to the Love flooding the planet
  • To choose to create your Life as a sovereign being
  • To Choose Life, and Love, and Peace, and Joy for yourself and all beings in the Universe

Together we create the world we live in. Whether that means making a healthy dinner for your kids or helping transmute the energies of fear and separation into Love and Oneness, every choice you make makes a difference. There is, as I said, a whole lot more to this, like the details on a map that you will only see when you zoom in. That list above is like a map of the major cities, without even the roads between them. There is still plenty of time to learn the way there. For now start wherever you are. Take a moment, if you will, for Gratitude, Recognition and Peace.

I’m also posting this to my other blog – The Conscious Journey. There are many more words there about Self Realization. If this is your journey, too, I encourage you to join me there.


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