Bringing Peace to Old Battlefields

mine detector

Mine Kafon, designed by Massoud Hassani


Remnants of destruction wait patiently, lethally, in former no-man’s lands all around the globe. Indiscriminate, all they require is a little pressure to set them off and a truck, a goat, a small child is thrown, wounded, dismembered or killed. Many organizations, like the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, have been working to eliminate new landmines from war zones. Other organizations, like Stop Landmines, are working to remove them and teach locals how to avoid getting injured by them.

Afghan artist Massoud Hassani, desiring to deal with this problem which plagues his own country as well as so many others around the world, came up with a simple, inexpensive design for a landmine detonator. It has been estimated that it costs $1200 to remove a single landmine. The Kafon Hassani designed costs around 40 Euros. Its design will allow each Kafon to destroy up to 4 landmines. Inspired by the wind powered toys he and his brothers made growing up at the edge of the desert, the Mine Kafon rolls through the desert guided by the wind. It is heavy enough to detonate a landmine, and yet no humans or animals have to risk their lives.

Massoud Hassani has shown his design all over the world, but now he wants to get it out into the field, doing as much good as possible. He has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to get the Kafon into production and delivered to countries where it can get to work. This is an easy way for you, personally, to help save a small child’s life. Sound good?

Great Idea: Remove landmines so they can’t hurt anyone
Practical Step: Create a simple and inexpensive detonator and get it out there doing its job


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