Beating Desertification with large Herds Livestock


Transformed land (on left) through intensive livestock management

This idea is so counter to what we used to know, it took Allan Savory half his life of looking for an answer to figure this out. Yet in a way it is the same thing Joel Salatin has been doing at Polyface farms. By using large herds of livestock, and keeping them moving in a rotation that mimics nature, including the predators, you can heal destroyed land.

I found this through another TED talk. It blew my mind so thoroughly and delightfully that I had to watch it twice. And now, once again, I have all sorts of fantasies about moving somewhere like west Texas, just to try it out.

If you care about climate change, if you care about water conservation, if you care about food or if you care about keeping our planet green, it will be well worth your time to watch this talk. It’s 22 minutes, so get yourself a cup of tea, sit down, take in one of the most brilliant and simple answers to many of the world’s problems.

Great Idea: Once again, learning how to help nature heal herself.
Practical Step: Teach farmers, including subsistence farmers, around the globe very simple livestock management techniques.


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