Great ideas open up new possibilities. Practical steps put those ideas in to action.

We as individuals, as communities, as countries, and as a planet face challenges both vast and minute. This page is here to bring attention to the individuals and groups all over the world who are facing these challenges. They are coming up with solutions that span the spectrum from brilliant to mundane, from obviously practical to those which require huge leaps of faith.

Upon first hearing about some of the new solutions you might be tempted to say “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?”

The answer to that question might be that the technology wasn’t there before, or that it took this long to get past our previous expectations, or that this solution required all of those other, previous, solutions to lay the groundwork. Whatever the ‘reason’ that these solutions are just arriving now, the key ingredient to their arrival now is that individual people stepped up. They trusted their ideas enough, and were willing to put in the work to put those ideas to work.

We celebrate those individuals, and hope their stories inspire you as much as they do us.


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