Problems, Challenges, Opportunities for Growth

My initial Goal in starting this blog was to shift my own focus after the recent election, and that of anyone who wanted to come along with me. I felt somewhat ill from all the partisan fighting about who is right and who deserves to win. Wouldn’t it be more productive, I thought, to turn the focus towards what actually works? What if every discussion began with ‘What would work the best here?’ rather than ‘How do I convince everyone else that I am right?’

Since I come across so very many instances in which an individual or a group started out with that question, and came up up with a brilliant answer, I figured maybe I could create a forum for sharing them. It would be a small thing I could do to help the discussion of global issues. It would certainly be more feasible for me than trying to participate in every individual research and development project that I found compelling. So here it is!

This is a blog of inspiration. What are people doing? What have they been doing? Look how brilliant we can be! Look how much we can help each other! And look how much change one person can accomplish, and how much more can be accomplished when a bunch of people work together.

This blog is also a growing resource of Great Ideas and examples of Practical Steps. You will be able to search the posts for everything that has been written on any given issue, such as hunger, or pollution. You can also search the posts by solution, as in ‘activism’ or ‘bacteria save the world.’

What about the specifics? What exactly do I plan to write about? In a few words: solutions to the problems of the world. Whether you look at them as problems, issues, challenges, opportunities for growth, focal points or sticking points of evolution, these are the areas where coming up with great ideas and taking practical steps has an outsized influence on the lives of local or global communities.

Yes, this is a pretty big scope for one blog. As I see it, there are nine main categories of issues we humans are facing right now. They are:

  1. Poverty
  2. Health Issues
  3. Environmental Degradation
  4. Access to and quality of Food and water
  5. War
  6. Lack of personal Freedom
  7. Lack of adequate Education
  8. Need for Clean renewable Energy
  9. Disconnect – from each other, nature and self.

You could put those in any order. That isn’t necessarily my order of importance. I think I’d put ‘Disconnect’ at the top of the list, because that is at the root of so many of the other problems.

How does this list compare with your own list? What issues are you paying the most attention to? Is there something I have forgotten? What would be at the top of your list?


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